Upcoming LFA Dates 2018-19

Competition Dates 2018-19

AugustLFA Senior Cup Preliminary / First Rounds
05/08/18Tom Hand Cup Final
06/09/18Wales v Republic of Ireland
11/09/18Poland v Republic of Ireland
16/09/18FAI Junior Cup First Round
16/09/18FAI Under Seventeen Cup Prelim Round
16/09/18FAI Intermediate Cup First Round
16/09/18LFA Over Thirty Five Cup Quarter Finals
23/09/18LFA Junior Cup First Round
23/09/18FAI Youth Cup Prelim Round
29/09/18FAI Junior Cup Second Round
29/09/18LFA Junior Shield First Round
SeptemberLFA Senior Cup Second Round
07/10/18FAI Under Seventeen Cup First Round
07/10/18LFA Over Thirty Five Cup Semi Finals
07/10/18LFA Youth Cup First Round
07/10/18LFA Junior Cup Second Round
13/10/18Republic of Ireland v Denmark
14/10/18FAI Youth Cup First Round
12-14/10/18FAI Inter Provincial Intermediate Tournament
16/10/18Republic of Ireland v Wales
21/10/18FAI Junior Cup Third Round
21/10/18LFA Junior Shield Second Round
21/10/18FAI Intermediate Cup Second Round
19-21/10/18FAI Inter Provincial Youth Tournament
28/10/18FAI Youth Inter League: Group MD 1
28/10/18FAI Under Seventeen Cup Second Round
28/10/18LFA Under Nineteen Cup First Round
28/10/18LFA Junior Cup Third Round
OctoberLFA Senior Cup Third Round
04/11/18FAI Cup Final (Closed Day)
11/11/18FAI Junior Cup Fourth Round
11/11/18LFA Over Thirty Five Cup Final
11/11/18LFA Junior Shield Third Round
11/11/18FAI Youth Cup Second Round
15/11/18Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland
18/11/18FAI Under Seventeen Cup Third Round
18/11/19LFA Under Nineteen Cup Second Round
18/11/18LFA Youth Cup Second Round
19/11/18Denmark v Republic of Ireland
25/11/18FAI Youth Inter League: Group MD 2
25/11/18FAI Intermediate Cup Third Round
25/11/18LFA Junior Cup Fourth Round
02/12/18FAI Junior Cup Fifth Round
02/12/18LFA Junior Shield Fourth Round
02/12/18FAI Youth Cup Third Round
09/12/18LFA Youth Cup Third Round
16/12/18LFA Under Nineteen Cup Third Round
13/01/19FAI Junior Cup Sixth Round
13/01/19LFA Under Nineteen Cup Quarter Final
20/01/19FAI Intermediate Cup Fourth Round
20/01/19LFA Junior Cup Fifth Round
20/01/19LFA Youth Cup Fourth Round
03/02/19FAI Under Seventeen Cup Fourth Round
03/02/19LFA Junior Shield Quarter Finals
FebruaryLFA Senior Cup Fourth Round
10/02/19FAI Youth Inter League: Group MD 3
17/02/19LFA Junior Cup Sixth Round
17/02/19FAI Youth Cup Fourth Round
24/02/19FAI Under Seventeen Cup Quarter Finals
24/02/19LFA Under Nineteen Cup Semi Finals
FebruaryLFA Senior Cup Quarter Finals
24/02/19LFA Youth Cup Quarter Finals
24/02/19FAI Intermediate Cup Quarter Finals
03/03/19FAI Youth Inter League QF
MarchFAI Junior Cup Quarter Finals
MarchLFA Under Nineteen Cup Final
10/03/19FAI Youth Cup Quarter Finals
10/03/19LFA Junior Shield Semi Finals
24/03/19FAI Youth Inter League SF
24/03/19LFA Youth Cup Semi Finals
24/03/19FAI Intermediate Cup Semi Finals
24/03/19LFA Junior Cup Quarter Finals
31/03/19FAI Under Seventeen Cup Semi Finals
07/04/19FAI Youth Cup Semi Finals
14/04/19LFA Junior Cup Semi Finals
AprilFAI Junior Cup Semi Finals
AprilLFA Youth Cup Final
April tbcLFA Junior Shield Final
21/04/19FAI Youth Inter League Final
27/04/19FAI Under Seventeen Cup Final
28/04/19FAI Youth Cup Final
May tbcLFA Junior Cup Final
MayFAI Intermediate Cup Final
MayFAI Junior Cup Final

(Dates subject to change based on weather / protests / appeals / international duty and teams involved in FAI competitions)

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