Noticeboard for 10th December
Management Meeting this Thursday at 8pm in the Complex.

All clubs must be represented as fines will be issued as per rule for non-attendance.

The Oscar Traynor side will play their third and final group game against the Wicklow League this Sunday December 16th in Ferndale Park the home of Arklow United.

We are saddened to hear of the Striker Supplement going from the Herald Newspaper from 1st Jan. Hundreds of Thousands of footballers and soccer fans will miss this great pull out which we have been getting every week for the last 31 years. Editor Eamonn Scott and his staff gave a fantastic service to the game of football and promoting it in every corner of the country. Good luck for the future lads and we know such a talent will not be idle for long as we will always need that information outlet for our game.

Kilmore Celtic’s Jose Andro da Silva Cruz was this weeks Superior Racking man of the match winner following his display against St Paul’s Artane in the Liddy Cup.

Usher Celtic had a hard fought win over Baldoyle United in Premier A winning 2-1 while Sheriff YC beat Real Transylvania 3-0 and Hardwicke FC came from behind to beat Dingle United 3-2 in a cracking game of ball on Friday Night.

Clontarf Beat Dublin Celtic on Penalties in the RPD Cup while Darndale FC beat Balscadden 4-1 and Chanel SSC won away to Ballyogan Celtic 5-0.

Railway Union beat Sheriff YC 4-3 in Senior Saturday.

In the Frank Roe Cup Oliver Bond Celtic beat Celtic park 4-2 and SCV FC beat Shanganagh Cliffs 2-1.

In the AUL Futsal Cup group stages Saints and Scholars beat Futsamba Naas 3-0, Dublin City were beaten 11-7 Puskas Hagi but picked up 3 points when they beat St Itas 10-7 in two high scoring games. Blue Magic beat Transylvania FC 15-7 in a cracking game.

In the Futsal 1st Division Blue Magic beat Clontarf Vikings 8-1.

The new season is now upon us so we would ask all clubs to get their house in order as early as possible. Get you players signed up as soon as you can. Make sure as Secretary, the registration forms are filled in correctly, Players Name and Address, Date of Birth, Club last played for, Player actually signs the form, all these thing should be checked before you leave them in to the office and if not filled in correctly they will be returned to you. It is your responsibility to correctly register your players the AUL will only try and make sure you do but it is not up to the AUL to Register the player correctly.

Be aware of the ITC. If you are signing a player who has come back to live in Ireland or has arrived to live here ask the question “did you play in an organised League where he has come from” and if the answer is yes that player may require an International Transfer Certificate. All applications for an ITC must come from the Secretary of the Club the player is registered for. The player must register first for his club and then the club applies for the ITC. All ITC applications must be sent to the 1st ITC window closes end of September.

We ask all Secretaries to fill out the match card when the Referee gives it to you. There is no rule as to what team fills out the card first, if the Referee gives you the card please fill it out. Do not have the Referee waiting around for the card back. Please use a ball point pen and print in block capitals the players name. Lean heavy so it comes through on the 3 copies. It is up to you to collect your copy of the card after the game and after the Referee has filled out the scorers and the cards issued if there were any. Please pay the Referee his fee before the game.

If you want a weekend off please email your request to your fixture secretary, me , Dennis Cruise and Peter Doyle if you are still in these competitions.

Any stories or events you want covered in the Herald Striker you can email Dermot Clarke

Dick Redmond



09/12/2018 19:14