VIBERSTORE AUL Premier Sunday 2019/2020

Competition:1222  Match:34413  AUL

Karl Cruise displays great form with two goals as Raheny United take all points from Howth Celtic.
3rd placed Raheny United won 4-1 against their visitors, 7th placed Howth Celtic at St Anne's Park at 8:15 pm

Raheny United
Form: W W L L W D W

Howth Celtic
Form: L D W L W L

Karl Cruise moves to joint top scorer in this competition after scoring twice in this game taking the player's total scores to 7 goals.
Referee Lawless Brian Jn handed out a total of 6 yellow cards.
Scorers: (Raheny United) Karl Cruise (2),Adam Murphy,Stephen Kane
(Howth Celtic) Jamie Finnegan

Yellow Cards: (Raheny United) Brian Delahunty,Gary Kelly,Ciaran Buckley,James Coates
(Howth Celtic) Conall Walsh,Jeff Hanratty

Current League Position
3Raheny United74121812613
7Howth Celtic62131014-47

This competition head to head
01/11/19 8:15 pmRaheny United41Howth CelticSt Anne's Park

Club Fixture History
02/11/19 2 pmRaheny United42Howth CelticAUL Division 3B Saturday 2019/2020
20/05/18 12 pmHowth Celtic02Raheny UnitedStriker Premier A: 2017/18
01/05/18 6:45 pmHowth Celtic13Raheny UnitedFirst Ireland AUL Challenge Cup
09/12/17 2 pmRaheny United23Howth CelticFCG Div 2 Sat: 2017/18
24/11/17 7:30 pmRaheny United13Howth CelticStriker Premier A: 2017/18
07/10/17 2 pmHowth Celtic32Raheny UnitedFCG Div 2 Sat: 2017/18
30/04/17 11 amRaheny United14Howth CelticAUL Premier B 2016/17
26/11/16 2 pmHowth Celtic34Raheny UnitedAUL Division 3 Saturday 2016/17
11/11/16 6:45 pmHowth Celtic41Raheny UnitedAUL Premier B 2016/17
02/10/16 11 amRaheny United41Howth CelticFAI Umbro Junior Cup 2016/17
17/09/16 2:30 pmRaheny United06Howth CelticAUL Division 3 Saturday 2016/17
16/09/16 7 pmHowth Celtic21Raheny UnitedAUL Liddy Cup 2016/17
16/05/16 6:45 pmHowth Celtic50Raheny UnitedAUL Division 3A Saturday 2015/16
26/04/16 6:45 pmHowth Celtic31Raheny UnitedAUL Premier C 2015/16
06/03/16 11 amRaheny United10Howth CelticAUL Regency Hotel Cup 2015/16
27/02/16 2 pmRaheny United04Howth CelticAUL Division 3A Saturday 2015/16
16/08/15 11 amRaheny United32Howth CelticAUL Premier C 2015/16
08/03/14 2 pmRaheny United12Howth CelticAUL Division 2 Saturday 2013/2014
31/08/13 2:30 pmHowth Celtic14Raheny UnitedAUL Division 2 Saturday 2013/2014

Recent Results in this competition
Raheny United
08/11/19 7:30 pmDarndale FC23Raheny United
01/11/19 8:15 pmRaheny United41Howth Celtic
18/10/19 8:15 pmRaheny United23Hardwicke FC
13/10/19 11 amEly Woodlawn31Raheny United
20/09/19 8:15 pmRaheny United40Ely Woodlawn
12/09/19 7:45 pmRaheny United33Clontarf FC
Howth Celtic
01/11/19 8:15 pmRaheny United41Howth Celtic
13/10/19 11 amDublin Celtic FC11Howth Celtic
29/09/19 11 amHowth Celtic21Hardwicke FC
20/09/19 7:30 pmHowth Celtic25Darndale FC
15/09/19 11 amEly Woodlawn14Howth Celtic
06/09/19 7:30 pmHowth Celtic02Valley Park United
Referee Statistics
Lawless Brian Jn14716235

Raheny UnitedHowth Celtic
Adam Murphy2
Ben Mahon1
Brian Delahunty1
Ciaran Buckley1
Eoghan Buckley2
Evan Cooling11
Gary Kelly2
Gary Moore1
Harry Dent2
James Coates1
James O'Neill1
Karl Cruise71
Luke Daly1
Mark Dwyer1
Robert Dowling1
Stephen Kane42
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Ciaran Walsh1
Conall Walsh21
Dan Harkin11
Daniel Hanratty2
David Teeling1
Denis Wickstone1
Eoin Walsh1
Jamie Finnegan3
Jeff Hanratty1
Michael Ward1
Rory Lynskey1
Sean Kenny1
Sean Moore1
Stephen Gilmore1
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