FAI Umbro Junior Cup: 2017/18

Competition:1170  Match:26885  AUL

Galbally FC lose to Usher Celtic.
Galbally FC were marginally beaten at home by Usher Celtic at Galbally FC Home Ground

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

This competition head to head
14/01/18Galbally FC34Usher Celtic

Recent Results in this competition
Galbally FC
14/01/18Galbally FC34Usher Celtic
Usher Celtic
01/10/17Dunard YC05Usher Celtic
22/10/17 12 pmMuirhevna Mor FC13Usher Celtic
10/11/17 7:30 pmUsher Celtic10Sheriff YC
01/12/17 7:30 pmUsher Celtic54St Pauls Artane
14/01/18Galbally FC34Usher Celtic
04/02/18 2 pmUsher Celtic32Moyne Rangers

Galbally FCUsher Celtic