AUL Jim Cullen Cup 2016/17

Competition:1150  Match:24410  AUL

St Marks lose to Whitehall Cel.
St Marks were marginally beaten at home by Whitehall Cel at AUL Complex at 7 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

Referee Lawless Brian had a difficult task controlling this bad tempered game and was forced to give out 6 yellow cards and 1 red card.
Yellow Cards: (St Marks) Nick Davern,Nicola Di Silvio,Sebastiano Buono
(Whitehall Cel) Karl O'Hanlon,Christopher Rogers,Karl White

Red Cards: (Whitehall Cel) Brian Bonny

This competition head to head
19/05/17 7 pmSt Marks12Whitehall CelAUL Complex

Club Fixture History
15/10/16 2 pmSt Marks13Whitehall CelAUL Division 2 Saturday 2016/17
03/09/16 2:30 pmWhitehall Cel21St MarksAUL Division 2 Saturday 2016/17

Recent Results in this competition
St Marks
17/02/17 8 pmCarpenterstown FC05St Marks
03/12/16 1 pmSt Marks22Carpenterstown FC
29/04/17 2 pmShanganagh Cliffs13St Marks
14/04/17 7:30 pmSt Marks23Shanganagh Cliffs
19/05/17 7 pmSt Marks12Whitehall Cel
Whitehall Cel
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10/05/17 7 pmWhitehall Cel11Brookfield Celtic
06/05/17 2 pmBrookfield Celtic23Whitehall Cel
19/05/17 7 pmSt Marks12Whitehall Cel
15/06/17 7 pmWhitehall Cel21St Pats/Phoenix
Referee Statistics
Lawless Brian2861828444

St MarksWhitehall Cel
Nick Davern1
Nicola Di Silvio1
Ronain Radtka2
Sebastiano Buono1
Terry O'Doherty2
Brian Bonny21
Christopher Rogers2
Gareth Bonny1
james Nugent1
Karl O'Hanlon1
Karl White2
Keith Caffrey1
Paul Noonan1
Paul White1
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