ViberStore Shield Premier B & Div 1

Competition:1216  Match:32535  AUL

Venue: Sportslink

Referee: O'Brien Aidan

Woodlawn/Sportslink lose to St Malachys AFC.
Woodlawn/Sportslink were marginally beaten at home by St Malachys AFC at Sportslink at 6:45 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

This competition head to head
23/04/19 6:45 pmWoodlawn/Sportslink12St Malachys AFCSportslink

Club Fixture History
09/12/18St Malachys AFC72Woodlawn/SportslinkFirst Ireland Premier B: 2018/19
25/11/18 11 amWoodlawn/Sportslink12St Malachys AFCFirst Ireland Premier B: 2018/19
09/09/18 11 amSt Malachys AFC32Woodlawn/SportslinkFirst Ireland Premier B: 2018/19
20/05/18 11 amWoodlawn/Sportslink23St Malachys AFCSuperior Racking Div 1 Sun: 2017/18
24/04/18 6:45 pmSt Malachys AFC51Woodlawn/SportslinkSuperior Racking Div 1 Sun: 2017/18
17/04/18 6:30 pmWoodlawn/Sportslink14St Malachys AFCAUL Select Food Cup 2017/18

Recent Results in this competition
24/02/19 11 amWoodlawn/Sportslink43Clontarf FC
23/04/19 6:45 pmWoodlawn/Sportslink12St Malachys AFC
St Malachys AFC
23/04/19 6:45 pmWoodlawn/Sportslink12St Malachys AFC
12/05/19 11 amOliver Bond FC81St Malachys AFC
Referee Statistics

Woodlawn/SportslinkSt Malachys AFC
Jack O'Rourke1
Johnathon Costello1
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