Striker Premier A: 2018/19

Competition:1188  Match:29305  AUL

St Pauls Artane lose to Sheriff YC.
3rd placed St Pauls Artane were beaten at home by League leaders Sheriff YC at Abbotstown Indoor at 6:45 pm

St Pauls Artane
Form: W D W W L L W D W W L W L L

Sheriff YC has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won 11 out of its last 14 games.
Form: D W D W W W W W W W D W W W

Yellow Cards: (St Pauls Artane) Peter Keegan,Gerard Keating,Alan Talbot
(Sheriff YC) Stephen Maher,Sean Murphy

Current League Position
1Sheriff YC1411303953436
3St Pauls Artane147253225723

This competition head to head
07/09/18 7:45 pmSheriff YC51St Pauls ArtaneClontarf Road All Weather
23/04/19 6:45 pmSt Pauls Artane04Sheriff YCAbbotstown Indoor

Club Fixture History
04/06/19 7:15 pmSt Pauls Artane02Sheriff YCAUL Challenge Cup 2018/2019
16/11/18 7:45 pmSheriff YC02St Pauls ArtaneAUL Liddy Cup 2018/19
29/05/18 7 pmSt Pauls Artane13Sheriff YCStriker Premier A: 2017/18
11/02/18 2 pmSheriff YC01St Pauls ArtaneStriker Premier A: 2017/18
03/08/17 7:15 pmSt Pauls Artane22Sheriff YCTommy Clements Cup 2017
17/05/17 7 pmSt Pauls Artane24Sheriff YCAUL Nivea for Men Cup 2016/17
27/04/17 7 pmSt Pauls Artane42Sheriff YCAUL Premier B 2016/17
22/04/17 6:30 pmSheriff YC13St Pauls ArtaneAUL Premier B 2016/17
10/09/16 1 pmSt Pauls Artane04Sheriff YCAUL Senior Saturday 2016/17
30/04/16 2:30 pmst pauls artane41Sheriff YCAUL Myles O'Neill Cup 2015/16
27/04/16 7 pmSt Pauls Artane32Sheriff YCAUL Senior Saturday 2015/16
20/04/16 7 pmSheriff YC42st pauls artaneAUL Myles O'Neill Cup 2015/16
12/03/16 2 pmSheriff YC35St Pauls ArtaneAUL Senior Saturday 2015/16
16/06/15 7 pmSheriff YC23St Pauls ArtaneAUL Liddy Cup 2014/2015
20/05/15 6:45 pmSt Pauls Artane31Sheriff YCAUL Senior Saturday 2014/2015
19/05/15 7 pmSt Pauls Artane04Sheriff YCAUL Premier A 2014/2015
16/09/14 7 pmSheriff YC11St Pauls ArtaneAUL Premier A 2014/2015
06/09/14 2 pmSheriff YC01St Pauls ArtaneAUL Senior Saturday 2014/2015
27/05/14St Pauls Artane00Sheriff YCAUL Premier A 2013/14
29/04/14 7 pmSheriff YC21St Pauls ArtaneAUL Premier A 2013/14
14/09/13 2 pmSt Pauls Artane42Sheriff YCPaddy Cole Cup 2013/2014
Sheriff YC03St Pauls ArtaneAUL Senior Saturday 2016/17

Recent Results in this competition
St Pauls Artane
Real Transilvania03St Pauls Artane
Hardwicke FC11St Pauls Artane
19/05/19 2 pmSt Pauls Artane64Hardwicke FC
07/05/19St Pauls Artane30Real Transilvania
03/05/19 7:30 pmUsher Celtic31St Pauls Artane
23/04/19 6:45 pmSt Pauls Artane04Sheriff YC
Sheriff YC
31/05/19Sheriff YC11Dingle United
23/05/19 8 pmSheriff YC10Hardwicke FC
17/05/19 7:30 pmKilmore Celtic FC22Sheriff YC
02/05/19 7 pmSheriff YC30Baldoyle United
23/04/19 6:45 pmSt Pauls Artane04Sheriff YC
05/04/19 7:30 pmDingle United02Sheriff YC
Referee Statistics
Suteu Alin23312110248

St Pauls ArtaneSheriff YC
Alan Talbot142
Ben Donohue11
Cian Lindsay1
Cian Rigney1
Colm Smith21
Daniel McCabe2
Gavin Fitzsimons1
Gerard Keating35
Graham Sullivan3
Jason Morgan1
Kevin O'Leary21
Luke Evans1
Nathan Donohue2
Paul Morgan1
Peter Keegan24
Richard Grimes1
Ryan Fitzsimons11
Stephen Whelan1
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Anthony Flood63
Carl McCabe12
Darren Dunne32
Dylan Grimes4
Gary Burke1
Joseph Flood1
Josh McMahon2
Keith Rickard11
Lee Murphy6
Leon Hayes1
Patrick Oglesby11
Paul Murphy14
Robert Martin
Sean Murphy11
Shane Rooney4
Stephen Maher3
Stephen Murphy121
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